Here are a few suggestions we have for you towards extra tender loving care for your outdoor plants...

Don't forget to feed your plants! 

Your trees, shrubs, perennials, and culinary garden need fertilizing three times annually for optimum growth! Give your soil a test analysis to reveal what its missing in content (nutrient, minerals, acidity) and get your fertilizer or soil treatment accordingly! 

Brown Spots on Cedars 

Please note that in the fall a lot of cedars will have brown spots on them and that this is natural. There is no problem with the cedar it is just an occurrence during the fall and will be gone in no time and back to green. The only reason for concern is when the top of the tree is brown.

Protecting Trees from Harsh Winters

Before it gets cold we would like to remind you to put  burlap on your sensitive tree. Example Emerald Cedars , Japanese Maples, and Japanese Cherry's. Anything plant Zone 5 and above. Also protect the trunk of your tree with rodent guards.(rabbits love burning bush, willow , Japanese maple and fruit trees. Use dormant oil on your fruit trees in February or March to prevent over wintering insects.